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After years of study, we have curated many TV marathons that fit just about any occasion. We are here to help you with some suggested evening lineups or you can mix and match to create your own.



Why are we here? What is sitcom-core? Why would you suggest that?

You may know our band, the incomparable Electric Grandmother. Some think it's a gimmick or a put-on. It is not. It is a way of life.

This site exists because we live Sitcom-Core and all of this is second nature. You don't think we actually watch Full House? Oh, we watch Full House, baby.

It's what we do with our spare time. We occasionally invite friends over and will often set themes. This site is a window into that practice.

Defining Sitcom-Core is a lot like arguing about when Generation X ends and the Millennial Generation begins. So for the sake of this site, I'm going to be clear: Sitcom-Core begins with the premiere of Diff'rent Strokes on November 3, 1978 and ends with Family Matters' season finale on July 17, 1998. 

Not all sitcoms that aired during that era qualify. It's a matter of kind, not a matter of quality. In essence, sitcom-core shows are usually child-centered and innocent, but always un-self-aware. They can be genuinely funny or else just evoke a certain feeling that has nostalgic elements but also isn't exactly straight nostalgia.

It's best to explain by example. Classical Sitcom-Core shows include: Full House, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Saved by the Bell.

Shows specifically considered NOT Sitcom-Core include Thirtysomething, Mad About You, Friends, and Home Improvement (features children but is not child-centric. Also it's terrible from any standpoint.).

Some shows don't really fit and don't really not-fit. Murphy Brown, Roseanne, Amen, and our godfather Happy Days have elements that qualify but also significant factors that disqualify. 

Some shows are just so fucking good, they'll be included in this site even though they're not really Sitcom-Core. They include Seinfeld and the Simpsons.



Parties by Season



I'm going as Comfortable Man.
He has superhuman bill-paying power so he gets to dress however he wants.


Like, I don't know what he said and like, I don't really care.


The miracle doot doot doo doo of Thanksgiving




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